Fugu Fish
  • Name: Fugu Fish
  • Product ID:
  • Place of Origin: Alaska
  • Process: IQF
  • Specification: 2-8 oz
  • Certification: HACCP, FDA
  • MOQ: 20MT
  • Package: Carton+PE Bag 40 lbs/carton
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
  • Delivery Terms: Fob Dalian, CIF
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Fugu Fish Raw Material

Detailed Product Description

We have an area of 800 hectare for farming Fugu rubripes. Our Fugu Rubripes fish is a best species in puffer fishes.This kind of fish rich in protain, with lower fat, and taste quite delicious.  It also contains plenty DHA, EPA and some other 8 kinds of amino acid and kinds of trace elements, If you have more this kind of fish it would help a lot to your brain, sight and  could make you live longer and more healthy.

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